Future Scenarios

I contributed to a larger trend study for the Zukunftsinstitut, one of Europe’s leading companies for Trend and Future Research.

In this trend piece, I researched and offered insights regarding different themes, such as beauty, mindfulness and household and how these sectors will evolve into the far future.

My challenge was to introduce bold predictions for these sectors, with an original futuristic outlook, while also offering concrete and valid arguments to back these outlooks up.

Like most innovation pieces, this report is confidential, however, here is an excerpt:

“In the near future, we will have robots all around us. There are few reasons to believe that humanoid robots will be unattractive. Why would a designer put robots out there that look like humans, but are disproportionate, unfit or show skin imperfections? One can rather imagine that future robots will be built in the guise of beauty ideals. This will bring back the ‘Barbie Model’ beauty standards and its unrealistically perfect body proportions, which will once again set ideals that are unreachable for many – this will possibly mess with our self-confidence.”

“Urban areas are, and will remain in the future, a source of daily stress. Silent oases will increasingly become a part of future city planning and architecture: relaxations centres that are technology-free, meditation rooms in office buildings, wild, natural parks in densely populated areas: the aim is to be able to escape the urban jungle without leaving the city limits”