Cultural Insight for Strategy and Communication

How does your company keep up with the changes in current cultures and anticipate the future when planning brand, marketing and innovation strategies?

As part of a global network of cultural specialists, futurists and local experts, I connect companies with real insights from the real world.

Understanding the present, to remain relevant in the future

Driving Innovation

I tap into emerging cultural spaces
to help companies uncover
innovation potential.

Ideation workshops, expert
interviews, lead user groups –
delivering clear roadmaps for
product and service innovation.


Trend Research

Supporting companies to identify
emerging narratives and
mainstream changes in consumer
behaviour by engaging a network
of specialists around the globe.
I develop reliable future scenarios
by testing hypothesis and tapping
into global and local


Brand Strategy

 I craft brands for new products,
or reposition existing brands
to fit their shifting cultural contexts.
This results in strategies that
tap into a brand’s core values.

Contact me for brand positioning workshops,
springboards for visual identity,
packaging design
or shelf display.


Strategic Communication

Do you need strategic direction for
your communication channels?

I deliver visual inspiration
and the right tone-of-voice for your
social channels. Get cultural and
consumer insights
that lead to focused and targeted
advertising campaigns and
brand communication.


New Markets

I guide companies in navigating
new markets and demographics
for product launches, and
communication campaigns.
My research provides easy-to-digest
insights on new technologies,
geographical markets,
specific demographics
and cultural phenomena.

Future Scenarios

I deliver future hypotheses
on where your brand,
your consumers or the market
you are in is headed.
By staying sharp and aware
of cultural shifts happening
all around, I can create reliable
future scenarios to help brands
stay relevant and ahead
of their competitors.

Every business challenge is different.
Tell me yours and get a tailor-made study design, incl. budget and timing, within 24h

About me

Hey there, I’m Carla!

Understanding Today, Shaping Tomorrow

I specialize in helping companies and brand managers dive deep into today’s market landscapes and emerge as trendsetters of tomorrow’s culture.

Decoding the Present, Co-Creating the Future

Through the lenses of Semiotics, Cultural Analysis, and Behavioral Research, I spend my time decoding the mysteries of current cultural shifts and helping companies seamlessly influence what comes next.

Expertise Meets Strategic Precision

With a Master’s degree in Innovation Management and boasting over 10 years of hands-on experience in Cultural Insight and Strategic Planning, I approach every project with strategic precision. Having collaborated with industry giants like Y&R and Kantar Consulting, and later part of great international teams as a freelancer, I’ve crafted impactful marketing and campaign strategies for diverse brands spanning FMCG, automotive, and home entertainment sectors.

Driven by Curiosity, Fueled by Passion

My passion lies in understanding people—their motivations, their choices, and the cultural currents that shape their lives. It’s this insatiable curiosity that fuels my work, driving me to unearth trends, decode behaviors, and anticipate shifts in consumer culture.

A Unique Blend of Expertise

With an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of contemporary culture, honed research skills, and an intuitive sense for spotting future trends, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Beyond Work: Making a Mark, Making a Difference

When I’m not knee-deep in research, you’ll find me immersed in books, podcasts, and meaningful conversations. Because for me, great creative work isn’t just about making a mark—it’s about making a difference in the world we live in.

Let’s Shape the Future Together

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