Angewandte Semiotik

I have extensive experience, for a diverse range of companies, in identifying signs and their meanings, especially when these become repetitive and a pattern emerges.

Applied semiotics in communication is a effective tool to get a deeper meaning of the world we live in and apply that meaning within a category, either to inspire new product lines, come up with a fresh campaign concepts, or decode the messages a brand and its competition are sending to their audience.

The example below is from a deck I put together for a client in the food & beverage sector.

The client aimed to make their products appear more high-end to justify their pricing strategy in a premium category. My team and I looked into several methods that products use to transmit “quality” via packaging design as a user experience: a bow that needs to be untied, a seal that needs to be removed, or other textual elements that make the packaging seem premium.

Another client aimed to transmit the message that a new line in their household product range is eco-friendly – an in-depth category analysis concluded that minimal, gentle design is the most common transmitter for something that is ‘natural’ and ‘harmless.’